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A Supplement for Memory

Memory for Life
Making the most of your memory.

Memory is the sketchpad for your life.  Each memory that you have is the result of personal experience and education.  It is important to support those memories that you have achieved over a lifetime and to add new ones at will.  There is a supplement that has helped many adults maintain or even revitalize memory.

Is there a nutritional supplement that can help boost you memory?  Many people say that a specific nutritional supplement has helped them regain a fluidity of memory access and memory formation.  The supplement is Phosphatidyl Serine (PS).

Supplements can bridge gaps in a normally good diet.  However, supplements alone will not compensate for a poor diet.  With that in mind, let’s explore the potential of Phosphatidyl Serine, which is better known as PS.

What is memory?

Memory can be your strong ally.  Memory helps you form a mental map of the world around you and any environment that you choose to consider.

Memory is your personal time machine allowing you to review the past.  Memory allows you to recall recent events that may not seem noteworthy at first.

Here is how this last example might play out in life.  Suppose that you are traveling on a train between two distant towns.  Along the way, you hear the station names called out.  The first name is definitely not your stop.  Another station is announced and another after that.

Reading the news on your phone, the station names begin to blur into the background.  Then a name is called out.  You hear it, but do not respond.  Then something inside of you recognizes the announcement as important.

The announcement of the station, that you need, has already been given.  Somehow, you are able to replay this announcement.  Now, you prepare to step off of the train and be on your way.  This is an example of phonological memory. It is a memory for sounds that lasts just a few seconds.  This type of memory gives us a hedge against missing some important feature in the auditory environment.  This is an example of memory that is short-lived and can be replayed for a few seconds.  A visual counterpart to the short phonological memory is also available.  By example, as you move past a clock, the time is noted and relied upon to fix your location in space and time.

The advantage of a good memory depends on your perspective, health, and environment.  All of us can be overwhelmed by too many inputs at once.  The average number of categories that any one person can attend to is 7.  If one of those 7 channels is tied up with looking for the next train stop, then the available channels are decreased by one.  Thinking about what you will do when you get off of the train, takes you down to 5 channels.  Reading the news may engage many lines of thinking.  This cognitive load can lead to a disconnect from the immediate surroundings.

Have you ever been surprised at how much time passes, when reading a really good article?

All of this listening, seeing, and thinking takes energy and nutrition.  We all know that you can’t do your best, if you don’t get your rest.  Beyond sleep and a good diet, there is room for nutritional supplements.  Supplements can bridge gaps in a normally good diet.  However, supplements alone won’t compensate for a poor diet.

One supplement that has helped many people revitalize their memory is PS.  PS is short for Phosphatidyl Serine.  If you are an adult and have an interest in optimizing your memory, then you may want to look into PS.  If PS is new to you, then discuss PS with health supplement providers.  Don’t be shy about discussing PS with your health care provider.  It’s is a good idea to get council from many wise people.

Memory can be a friend, who stands ready to help you find what you know and map your way to the future.  In a very real way, memory is linked to your stream of consciousness, your sense of self, and the life that you make.

You might want to consider 200-300 mg of PS a day for a month.  After that, perhaps 100-200 mg per day.  Check the label on a supplement bottle for more suggested serving size.  PS can be derived from animal sources.  If you prefer a vegetarian source be sure to ask for this when you shop for PS.

Relevant Reading


The Memory Cure, by Thomas H. Crook III and Brenda Adderly (1998).*

* If you look at the reviews for The Memory Cure at Amazon, you may find a review that complains that PS does not cure Parkinsons disease.  The authors couldn’t have predicted that the title would be taken out of the context of nutritional supplementation.  Parkinsons is an ongoing, progressive disease.  The diagnosis is made by elimination other possible diseases.  PS is a supplement.  No supplement is to be used for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease.  Supplements can help fill gaps in an normally good diet.  Supplements can’t make up for an overall inadequate diet.