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by Gerald Epling

Even if you have a lot on your mind, the disarming smile of a child can redirect your attention to a happier place.  We naturally adjust to the social temperature of a room with little conscious effort.  This human ability to accept and mirror the emotions of others is supported by the mind and body.  With little conscious effort, we tend to adjust our posture, breathing patterns, and heart-rate; when we engage in conversation.  All of these adjustment require exquisite control of the energy flowing through and around the body.  When that energy becomes blocked or diverted, there are problems.

One of the ways that our energy is blocked is through inflammation.  Inflammation in the joints or muscles slows healing and causes pain.  Inflammation near associated with the brain is linked with loss of brain activity.  One way to reduce inflammation is the use of a static magnetic field, as supplied by a permanent magnet.  A magnetic field about 10 times stronger than a refrigerator magnet can reduce inflammation by improving the tone of small blood vessels in the inflamed area.

Another way of helping energy flow through the nervous system is found in the use of a changing magnetic field.  Applying an electromagnetic field that cycles 15 times per second can help children and young adults overcome a disturbing problem – bedwetting.  Providing a specific 15 Hertz electromagnetic field to the base of the spine in an area known as the sacral root increases the chances that a child will be able to wake up and go to the bathroom at night.

Fifteen Hertz is an interesting frequency for researchers to choose.  For the brain, activity between 7.5 and 13 Hertz is connected with relaxed awareness.  This is the alpha brainwave state.  Just above alpha is beta brainwave activity.  Beta brainwave activity is linked to finding solutions to problems.  Fifteen Hertz is in the low region of beta brainwave activity.

Perhaps the short term treatment of stimulating the sacral area with an electromagnetic field is just a way of teaching the body to connect the sensation from the base of the spine to the head.

Great things happen when we discover ways to improve our natural energy patterns and connectivity.



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