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Inspiration is a river that we feed with our life.  Shiny things, moving things, and things out of the ordinary always attract our attention.  With the passage of time, these experiences fade away.  Unless we have a curiosity about what happened, a one-time insight will be left dangling in the mind as a disconnected bit of information.

Interest can be the gateway to knowledge.  When we have curiosity, there is a drive to find out more about what is so interesting.  If we listen to this inner guidance of curiosity and seek to know more, then we will find knowledge.  Trusting yourself to explore things that are interesting is a great step towards personal growth and development.

Knowledge leads to belief.  Belief feeds the river of inspiration.  Whenever we seek to know something, we gain a bit of understanding.  Even if the first experiences are not directly related to what we want to know, they are always informative.

If you randomly ask people about something that you are interested in, then you will receive a variety of responses.  One person may point you in a direction that will help you learn more.  Thank this person.  Another will say some variation of, “That’s a stupid question.”  Another will tell you that, what you are interested in is not interesting to anyone else.  Others will tell you that, what you seek does not exist.

It is up to you to pursue or disengage from whatever interests you.  As long as what you are doing or pursuing does not harm another, why not continue pursuit?  It is good for the mind and the brain to focus on things that are right, pleasant, excellent, or admirable.  The pursuit of knowledge always leads to belief.

Belief has value.  The engineer has a set of beliefs that are hard won by years of study and practice.  This set of beliefs helps the civil engineer design a dam that is not likely to break.  The student of the mind knows how to plan experiences that inform the mind and nurture accurate beliefs in the world around us.

The mind is influenced through the pattern of action, which begins with curiosity.  Curiosity leads to the search for knowledge.  Knowledge is accepted as information that is reliable.

Along the way to developing a river of inspiration, you find people who would divert your efforts.  If you ask an important question of the wrong person, you might hear some less than helpful responses.  The retort, “That’s a stupid question” shows that the person does not know the answer.  When someone says that your interest is above your station in life, they are showing fear that you will advance beyond their station.  A more positive answer is “I don’t know”.  Some people, whom you know, may have wondered just what you are wondering now.  This sort of person may offer to point you in the direction of an answer.  This is one of the best responses that you can hope to hear.  Now, you know someone with whom you have something in common.

Interest leads to knowledge.  Knowledge leads to belief.  If the path to the attainment of knowledge goes reasonably well, you will have a new storehouse of accurate belief.  Positive belief inevitably leads to enthusiasm.

In your enthusiasm, remember those who helped you along the way.  Equally important is remembering not to trouble those, who though that your pursuit was stupid or not worth their time.


Note: Inspiration, in this context, does not refer to divine inspiration; but to the psychological aspect of having an ability to take action resulting in moving the intellect or emotions.