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If you have a problem, it’s your problem. The odds are the things in the universe, which are part of your problem, will not change. You have to solve your problem. It is up to you to change your situation.

Problems are an opportunity to apply what you know, learn new skills, and build confidence through perseverance. Strategically, you can change your surroundings or adapt to the environment. Tactically, we can use the environment, adapting available resources to the challenges at hand. The strategy of success is long term. The tactics of success are immediate, using what is known and the tools at hand.

The road to success begins and lives in the mind. Learning how the mind works and how to optimize your memory is an important step on the road to success in life. Optimizing your mind depends more on how you think than nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals. Pills and powders pale in comparison to the impact of communication, human understanding, and developing the best mind that you can have.