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Ivanka Trump is known for possessing a keen sense of fashion.

This is only one of many reasons, Ivanka Trump has many admirers. This mother of three is also a leader in promoting strong families. For some of her admirers, the chance to see her up-close or touch her might be overwhelming. How can a security protection detail rapidly discern the difference between a high-spirited female admirer and a woman with less-positive feelings in a crowd of women?

Security protection can be provided by police, who have the skills of police work to draw upon. Reviewing posture, gait; how people walk or move, and stance go a long way in evaluating a potential threat. There is the skill of looking over the crowd for anyone, who is paying too much attention or the wrong sort of attention. Also looking for people with affect or emotion that just does not fit the event. This is hard work. This work blends logic with intuition. At some point a person may break away from the crowd and rush towards Ivanka. Is this person an admirer or a foe?  Does this person need a gentle nudge back into the crowd? Or is there something more going on here?  The decision to act must be made in an instant.

It is arguably easier for a woman than a man to understand the power of the draw of a strong, successful woman who is also a leader. A woman may be able to read the affect or emotion of another woman a fraction of a second faster than a man. This brief instant of time could be a precious commodity in a stressful situation. It would not be good to tase a woman seeking to just get a little closer to the woman of her admiration. It also would not be protective to let someone with ill-will get closer to their target.

The nation of Japan provided an all-female police squad to protect Ivanka Trump on her recent visit to Japan.  This was a brilliant and considerate approach to keeping the peace.


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