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Programs for Windows

Puzzled Trains

To download use right-click and “save link as”. Requires the Adobe Air companion program.
Originally written for the BlackBerry PlayBook, this version was compiled for the Windows operating system.
Compiler: Flash Builder, a tool built on the Eclipse framework.
This program is an amusing selection of puzzles for ages 9 and up.
Train Photographs were taken at the Train Museum in Frisco, Texas.

BioPulse support programs

To download this zip file, use right-click and “save link as”. Support files are included for BioView.exe and BioShow.exe.
Compiler: Borland C# Builder.
These two programs, BioView and BioShow, were written to provide a quick way to view recordings in the lab in order to ensure that the information gathered in physiological research was clean and informative. These programs run on Windows.